18 December 2008

Annie, Get Your....$#!^, They Took That Too??

Looks like Greg Ballard has a Greg Bowes-esque view on liberty. Business owners can't make choices on their properties, now weapons owners have to get licensed with the city?? Doesn't the state already mandate a weapons license?? Isn't it already illegal to bring a gun across state lines without AG approval? I mean come one, talk about a law of unintended consequences.

When Plaxico Burress shot himself, albeit accidentally, I told a friend, it's crap like this that will take away gun owners' rights. I didn't think an elected Republican would propose this, then again I didn't think an elected Republican would directly inject billions of tax dollars into the economy, removing the barrier between the government and the free market.

Yet another reason to vote Libertarian. What's more important, keeping with the two headed beast, or voting for everyday people, with decent, common sense ideas??

24 November 2008

Proof of Why Less Is More

Some people may not like what I'm about to say, but we need to move away from the township level of government in Indiana, COMPLETELY. After the whole debacle in Washington Township here in Marion County, I've seen the light.

The township has NO fire department (it merged into Indianapolis Fire in the past couple of years), thus cutting its needs by over half. How can you piss on the taxpayers' parade in a recession? Vote yourself a 60% pay raise while taking no public comments, then giving none when pressed by citizens and the press afterwards. Real simple folks, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen! Hopefully, people remember this when more talk of eliminating consolidation happens, or just vote the bums out in four years!

15 November 2008

Cut the Crap!

After all of this election hullabaloo, I'm wondering how sincere President-elect Obama is about governing from the center. I think he's going to try some out-there policy shifts, and people will scream bloody murder. Soon afterwards, the test balloons will stop, and he will truly run the country from the center. He knows that it's a two year audition, which makes for an awfully short honeymoon.

What worries me is if the GOP will be trying to shift to the right (which it should, in the name of gridlock, at the very least), or if there will be a sentiment of bipartisanship. I'm thinking Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) will be fighting every instance of liberalism tooth and nail.

For the next two years, we libertarians (small-l and big-L) need to keep both parties committed to true social and economic freedom in the face of mounting bailouts and falling markets.

This begins at the most local of government. Libertarians need to step up to the challenge in the next election two years from now, and put the pressure on the incumbents committed to stealing your money and freedom. Township trustees, county clerks (very important, they do run the elections after all), and the General Assembly (all Reps and half the Senate) are up for grabs in 2010. Don't forget, the critical Secretary of State race happens then too. That is our ballot access race. Please remember, just because the country may be down, there is a true change everyone can believe in. It's not just a slogan, it's a way of life. Besides, who doesn't like more money in their pockets, or more freedoms to enjoy? People are not responsible to their government, government is responsible to its citizens.

11 November 2008

From the "WTF" Files....

Lawrence Mayor Paul Ricketts is at it again. First, a 17% raise after ten months on the job, now trying to get funding for holiday decorations??

Mayor Ricketts is a good, decent man, he and I don't agree on everything, granted. I know this from conversations on the campaign trail. However, that being said, his priorities are very skewed. I haven't seen any additional police cars or fire stations. I'm worried that in a tight economy that the government is once again is taking advantage of the unsuspecting.

Getting in on the Ground Floor

My friends, Mark Rutherford wrote on his blog recently about how Libertarians need to work the mail room before becoming the CEO. I whole-heartedly agree. We need to look at the smaller races (Township Trustee, countywide offices, with strong State Rep and State Senate candidates) before we look at the Governor's Mansion. With that said, 2010 is our ballot access race for Secretary of State (Any volunteers?)

Libertarians in Indiana have an excellent opportunity to retool, reload, and refocus in 2009. But you say, there's no elections. I say, exactly. Having an off year in the cycle gives us an opportunity to canvas, raise funds, and deliver a message that makes that emotional connection as to why someone should punch the "L" next to the office. It's one thing to be educated and principled, it's another to drive the point home using a real, lasting connection rather than a hypothetical. Trust me, tending bar is easier when you make a connection rather than, make drink, pay for drink. What I mean is, anyone can make a margarita, but the best bartenders give people something to remember, and they come back.

I ask all potential candidates for 2010 start thinking about how to connect with voters rather than tell them how the Libertarian philosophy is the right way. Give people a taste of the good stuff, and they'll wanna drink the whole bottle. Who's thirsty?

04 November 2008


I'm flipping around and WISH says that Bob Barr is the difference. Jim Shella says that Barr's 25K votes is the difference in the state race with 88% in. Keep in mind Lake County as well as NW Indiana and Evansville are coming in. McCain is 6K up, but where are the last votes coming in??

Fair and Balanced??

I'm watching the Mitch victory speech on WRTV, and heard something slip over the national feed saying that McCain lost Ohio, may as well call the whole race....fair and balanced??? You be the judge!

03 November 2008

Predictions and Prognostications

OK, it's not Jimmy the Greek or the Great Carnac, but here are my predictions for tomorrow's election. Abdul put his predictions up and I commented there, here are my guesses (all they are, I have no scientific basis to claim expertise here)

Presidential - Obama 303-238…53%
Indiana Prez Vote - McCain 52-47
Gubernatorial - Daniels with 55% of the vote…JLT gets some straight ticket, not enough to overcome six weeks off the air.
US Senate - Dems pick up 4 seats in the Senate
US House - Dems pick up 12 seats in the House.
State House - 51D-48R-1L
Public Question #1 -Adios assessors
Public Question #2 (in IPS district) -Praying no, but what Dr. White wants, Dr. White gets

01 November 2008

Internal Preferences, not Schools

Those should be the initials of IPS. My wife is an IPS teacher who found out her school is closing at the end of the academic year. Her school was one of the ones improving, actually on a path to make National Blue Ribbon status. Her school is on the list for Phase III. My friend Ed Angleton knows what that means...Bonding.

Her school was part of the referendum for $273 million in capital improvements. Unfortunately, it's too late to pare back the bond amount. Now that the school closings have been leaked/announced, Superintendent Dr. Eugene White says that the board won't use all of the monies allocated. Right, and I'm the Pope. I'd be very interested if the school board discovers other "improvements" in other current schools to be made by the end of the year.

White believes that the money is more important than the students. I thought teachers and administrators were in the business of educating the youth of today to prepare them for tomorrow. While I understand that declining enrollment means fewer schools open, why close one of the schools that's actually exceeding expectations, building a reputation, and turning out good kids??

27 October 2008

Bad Cop, Worse Cop

Now most of us know the time honored situation of good cop, bad cop. One is friendly, one is not. The campaign is turning not into good cop, bad cop, but rather bad cop, worse cop.

McCain would only vote for the bailout if it had no pork (Bad Cop). He voted for it after $140 billion was added to motivate certain holdouts (Worse Cop).

Obama seems only to talk in rallies, or carefully crafted interviews, making him inaccessible to the masses (Bad Cop). He never holds press conferences, preferring to buy time on TV and move the World Series in accordance with his wishes (Worse Cop.)

I can go on and on, but the only GOOD COP in this scenario is Bob Barr, Libertarian candidate for president.

20 October 2008

Buyer Beware

It seems a lot of people I know are going to pull the Obama lever. First of all, it's heartbreaking. Second, of all, buyer beware!!

In the ebb and flow of the American political scene, it's been center-right or center-left, not moving to far to one end of the pendulum or the other. As far as I can remember, there hasn't been an extreme shift one way or the other. Voting Obama would be an outright vote to the far left, making voters feel good now, but they will be paying (literally) for it in 2009 and beyond. Obama has the MOST liberal voting record in the Senate since he took office, and his running mate, Joe Biden is #3.

Now, I believe in equality at all levels as far as individual rights are concerned, but not in the pocketbook. Voting for Obama is nothing more than romanticizing a modern day Robin Hood, except you're the evil doers that he's taking from to give to the "poor."

What I mean is that for every hard-working, ball-busting individual out there, there is someone that has been a product of the system waiting for the next handout. I'm sick of the people that will have the government take care of them. I'm sick of my taxes going up to pay for their lazy butts. Now I understand that some people have certain situations, and I get that they need assistance. What I don't understand is that I'm supposed to subsidize someone's poor decisions in life.

I work hard, pay my taxes, am happily married, and have no children, but have to pay for someone that couldn't keep her legs closed, someone who has no desire to work, or someone who just wants to stick it to the man. Well, I'm a man, and I'm tired of it! If you want a true change in Washington, vote Bob Barr. He'll stick it to those that have stuck us taxpayers for way too long!

13 October 2008

Random Musings

-So the stock market gained 11% on Monday, putting it at 9300 and change...bailout trickle down, or has everyone returned from their Chicken Little paranoia??

-GM and Chrysler have talked about a merger or swapping of assets, should it be looked at as a preclude to the American automotive manufacturing collapse, or as two failing companies joining forces to return to glory??

-Bart Peterson endorsed centralizing the assessor's office and eliminating the township positions...Is Satan serving iced tea??

-When will the Blackhawks lift Lord Stanley's Cup??

-When will the Cubs win the World Series??

Any other musings, muse away my friends.

09 October 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Johns Jimmy!!

It appears that 105% of the voting population is registered in Marion County. Beth White has some more explaining than just vote early and get preferential seating for an Obama campaign stop. She needs to nip this in the bud immediately and rationally. She's on the hot seat for 2010, and can't afford many more Keystone Cop routines in the Clerk's office.

Hat tip to Advance Indiana and Ogden on Politics

08 October 2008

Mark Your Calendar

"SPLIT THE TICKET"...What do I mean...I mean Libertarian, Republican, and Democrat candidates are invited to Monument Circle on October 17th at 5:10PM for a press conference. Eliminating township government and repealing property taxes are among the issues to be discussed.

More details as they become available....

The Obamanomics of It All

First came socialism, now comes Marxism...Senator Obama is in town today, and talks proposing cutting insurance premiums and giving the uninsured Congressional insurance...how does he plan on paying for this? We went away from the gold standard because of the Great Society, what would this plan be, the Next Society...Lenin is smiling somewhere.

With the economic crisis continuing, and the Dow down 160 points, is more regulation the answer? How much more can Congress turn this country into Venezuela, and how much longer will the American people take it? The stock market is like a marriage, it has ups and it has downs, but it works out if both parties want it too...the market and the investors are married with money, it just seems that the government is the homewrecker on the side, offering something one can't offer the other. Is divorce really worth it?

Debate Review

Are Senators McBama the Pied Pipers or what...don't worry about the economy, the government will take care of you. That is the gist of what they're saying in regards to the bailout (don't call it a rescue plan). McCain offered a plan that would authorize the Treasury Department to spend $300 billion to buy bad mortgages. Republicans advocating socialism...Reagan's spinning in his grave. Obama talks of how 101 million people would not get a tax break, there is still 200 million people in this country. More socialism. I'm waiting for one to say, "To each according to their abilities."

That day is coming sooner than later, no matter which candidate you choose. Unless you choose Bob Barr, then you choose your wallet and your life.

Lawrence Losers

The losers are all of us taxpayers in the City of Lawrence. On Monday, five Republicans approved a salary increase of $11,000 to Mayor Paul Ricketts. Unfortunately, the Mayor went back on a pledge of cutting the budget five percent in non-public safety in order to fatten his wallet at taxpayers' expense.

This obvious abuse of power is just another reason why Deb's Democrats and Ricketts' Republicans should be run out of town on a rail. There is no good option in Lawrence, and when the voice of reason appears, it's dismissed as radical. Sometimes radical is reality, and the reality is is that there is no difference if an R or a D runs the city.

22 September 2008

Will Time Tell?

I was reading Charles Krauthammer's column online via the Detroit News, and he brought up an interesting, albeit slanted, thought. Is George W. Bush the next Harry S. Truman? I say perhaps in time, but only if he's eventually vindicated on Iraq. If not, he could be the GOP's two-term Jimmy Carter.

What do you think??

21 September 2008

Sunday Shenanigans

I'm sitting here watching the Chicago/Tampa Bay game with my wife, checking my fantasy football scores, and if I wasn't working tonight, I'd probably enjoy a couple of cold ones over the course of the day. I don't want to go to a restaurant or tavern to do it, I want to just kick back at home and have a frosty beverage. It's unfortunate that I would have had to gone out last night to get my supplies for today.

The liquor laws in this state are a bit asinine to say the least. On Sunday, if you want a cocktail and have none at home, you have to go out and have it, then drive home, risking your safety and the safety of others. I don't understand what the problem is if you want to get a six-pack and go about your day around the house.

20 September 2008

Has Enough Been Enough?

Yesterday in Coral Gables, FL at a rally, Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) was chanted against by protesters holding signs that read "Blacks Against Obama" or "Obama for Abortions." Another sign mentioned his candidacy was supported by the Ku Klux Klan.

My thing is that the Democratic party uses minorities the same way they used the immigrants a century ago. They would have you think they have your best interests at heart because your one group or another. All they have done is conspire at all levels of government to erode your freedoms. Sometimes of their own volition, sometimes in concert with Republicans.

These freedoms are many, from property rights to economic liberty to name only a couple. Democrats aren't the only party doing this though. Republicans have made it a point over time to grow government their way into more of a Norsefire than compassionate conservatism. The Patriot Act and nationalizing AIG are two of the glaring examples of this activity.

If you're tired of feeling like you're being taken for your finances or your freedom, vote Libertarian. They represent every minority, the individual.

19 September 2008

Are You a Socialist or a Socialist?

In the wake of an unprecedented bailout by the Fed, I am now convinced that there is NO difference between Republicans and Democrats on the fiscal level. Socially, there is a dichotomy, but when it comes to matters of economics, there truly isn't a dime's difference anymore, and that's a shame. I thought deep-down that the GOP would return to its small-government roots not be a player in the private sector. I can wish in one hand and crap in another and I'll tell you which one fills up first.

Today is a dark day for America. The American dream is quickly becoming a nightmare, and few seem to notice.

18 September 2008


I know a lot of people love the new Lucas Oil Stadium. It's state of the art, has a retractable roof, it got Indianapolis a Super Bowl...so on and so forth. The Kenny Chesney concert over the weekend was atrocious from people I've personally talked to, poor acoustics, no leg room, and lack of toiletries were the primary complaints from the concert-goers.

Now Brendan O'Shaughnessy from the Star wrote the annual deficit may be TWICE as bad. Now it's $20 million to maintain the facility that the city doesn't have. The staaste is starting to assist, and the Colts, with all the revenue they generate rent-free are playing the "a contract is a contract" card.

I call bullshit, Irsay was quoted saying it's the people's stadium, well if it is the people's stadium, why are there no tickets directly available, why only to season ticket holders? If it's the people's stadium, why do you Mr. Irsay get all revenues from Colts games, and up to half of non-Colts events at the stadium? If it's the people's stadium, why lie about the cost of the monstrosity, and then have no way to fund its maintenance? Why would you, Jim Irsay, give a flying flip? You got your millions of dollars in naming rights from Forrest Lucas, your new home free, paid for by the taxpayers, and the sweetest deal this side of the Sudetenland.

Mr. Irsay, I hope for your sake the Colts win five more Super Bowls, or the court of public opinion may find you guilty of gross misconduct.

05 September 2008

Broken Promises

Last year, I was the Libertarian nominee for Mayor of Lawrence. The winner, Republican Paul Ricketts ran on a platform of reform and responsibility. I ran on fiscal discipline and transparency. At the candidates' forum, I spoke of a cut of five to ten percent on all non-public safety departments. A week later, a mailer went out by Ricketts saying he was for a flat five percent cut. Ricketts won the election.

Fast forward to February 08, he was to receive a $15,000 raise from the Water Department. However, a state law disallows any pay raise in a current budget. This week, the Lawrence Common Council looked into a raise in the next budget for the Mayor, again from the Water Department.

I went on record as saying I would cut my own salary in order to help public safety. Granted it would've been only $3,250-$6,500, but if you vote for the lesser of two evils, instead of someone who brings a real , you reap what you sow.

My friend Mike Kole said it best, "I'm sick of Republicans who campaign like Libertarians and govern like Democrats."

18 August 2008

A Failing Grade

On Saturday, the two major party presumptive nominees got together and talked. Both spoke their pieces, and made their points, for the most part. When it came to the issue of abortion (no fence sitting here), Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) went over like a lead balloon. Claiming to not know the "specificities" of when life begins, he said that went beyond his pay grade.

Nationalizing health care, it's in his pay grade. Defending our borders, in his pay grade. Robbing from evil oil companies and their 10% profit margin (compared to the government's 30-40%), in his pay grade. Standing up for those that truly have no voice?? Not his problem.

I thought the modern Democratic party stood for those that had no voice in anything, and rallying behind them. Even Obama supporters had to groan a little bit. My thing is very simple, state your position, and stand behind it, good, bad, or indifferent. I can respect your honesty and your stance without supporting it. Obama stands for nothing, and this simple statement is an absolute endorsement of it.

14 July 2008

Energy Independence??

Sounds like people are starting to come to their senses...in 1999, I could remember seventy cents a gallon gas...now it's hovering around four dollars...an almost sixfold increase in a decade. President Bush signed an order ending to the ban on offshore drilling...I'm only hoping that Congress will follow suit and allow for drilling for the relief in our pockets and the small businessmen that run the gas stations.

08 July 2008

Public Safety??

I know, I know, people are grumbling of a corrupt police force and pointing fingers at Mayor Ballard. Now, Mayor Ballard took office in January, and took control of the police force shortly thereafter. When it comes to the recent rash of police improprieties and homicides, I'm of the turn the other cheek mode. Mayor Ballard is a decent man trying to pick up the pieces left by the Peterson administration, and every naysayer is looking for an excuse to give him heartburn.

Personally, I think Mayor Ballard has done a good job given the circumstances, and look forward to the first budget HE submits before I go Chicken Little on him. No blaming Peterson or Sheriff Anderson, that's just unfair and out of line. However...if he starts cutting public safety in the name of a pet project, then the gloves are off.

01 July 2008

I Deserve It…

I heard of some of the rumblings of those hit hardest by the flooding in southwest-central Indiana. They got "only" $1,000 or $2,000 from a charitable trust run by their employer. The thought they "deserved" more was appalling to me. If I were in that situation, I wouldn't be saying give me money because I "deserve" it. I'd be saying, "OK, I'm up a creek (no pun intended), now what can I do to get out of the situation?"

What needs to come into focus is the mentality of some that look to Big Brother for everything, financial support, housing, medical assistance, etc. Now as a Libertarian, I despise most of those concepts. However, as a human being, I get that sometimes government should help those that can't help themselves for a short term. Nothing more than a year, or else the helpless individual starts to become addicted to the taxpayers' dime.

The moral of the story here is when people get used to the morphine of government money, the withdrawals can be painful.

Careful What You Wish for…

The Star is reporting that several drug cases are going out the window because of the arrests of two Narcotics officers gone bad. Proof that throwing more money at the problem only grows the problem, it doesn't solve it…now if we can only get on that whole property tax and health care situation…

24 June 2008

From the "What the..." Files

Everyone knows now that Doris Minton-McNeill (D), a City-County Councillor, was arrested for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. She replaced Andre Carson, who was elected to
Congress. He replaced Patrice Abduallah, who served one district, yet lived in another, in violation of the law. Do you see the common thread?

The Democrat precinct captains, in my opinion, are not thoroughly vetting their candidates. It's more about keeping the seat (which Republicans rarely contest). More often than not, no matter what part of the political spectrum, if you knowingly select and elect undesirable candidates, you get what you pay for in the end. As if Mike O'Connor needed anymore headaches.

20 June 2008

Grand Old Goofup

Jon Elrod is either a smart guy or a pansy, depending on your thought process. He lost a special election in March to Andre Carson for the late Rep. Julia Carson's seat, won the primary in May, now with only a few days before the filing deadline, he withdraws his name for the congressional race. He now wants to retain his Statehouse seat which was not contested in the GOP primary.

What this tells me is that, as much as I don't want to admit it, Greg Garrison is right. As long as the district is drawn as it is, Democrats will win the congressional races here. That's a given, as many credible Republicans have come and gone against the Carson machine. I just never thought that one of them would throw up the white flag before it even started.

14 June 2008

Remembering Russert

Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert passed away yesterday of an apparent heart attack at the age of 58. It really shocked me and reminded me dearly of my parents who are of the same age. Russert, like my father an Irish Catholic, wrote the bestsellers Big Russ and Me and Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons.

The book's talk of fathers (the first by Russert on his father) resonates with many (including this blogger) of a father who did whatever it took to support and raise his family. I, personally, did not always appreciate as a younger person what my dad did, but it shaped me into who I am today, and I couldn't be happier. My dad is a great man who gave of himself freely for his family, and that is something I will never forget.

Tim Russert will be missed in many political circles, but the stories of father and son will live on for generations. If that is his legacy, then Tim Russert is a better man. May the angels say to him upon his arrival to Heaven, "Cead Mile Failte."

13 June 2008

The Revolution Will Be Recognized

Last year, Andy Horning helped make headlines for his property tax rally on the Fourth of July in front of the Governor's Mansion. That was only the beginning. This year, if you want a government that applies the Constitution as it is written, not as it's "interpreted"...join Andy and other like-minded individuals on Independence Day at the Governor's Mansion to hold our elected officials accountable for themselves and their actions!

07 June 2008

Dodging Common Sense

The Toll Road lease has been one of the most polarizing projects in the state of Indiana. All of northern Indiana reviles the governor for "selling out." The governor counters with the billions of dollars brought into the state's coffers. It's been this way for a few years now.

In government, sometimes legislators are offered perks. Maybe a dinner here, a game there. It's called lobbying. The latest perk is a bit much and arrogant. According to the Indianapolis Star, Cintar-Macquarie, the Spanish-Australian consortium responsible for the operation of the Toll Road, gave the iZoom transponders to all legislators in northern Indiana, then offered them to all legislators. The transponders charge vehicles at the original rate, whereas the rates at toll booths have gone up considerably.

In the spirit of equity, most legislators rejected the perk, saying they're no better than their constituents, especially with gas at $4/gallon. I said most legislators. Reps. Dick Dodge (R-Pleasant Lake) and Chet Dobis (D-Merrillville) have gone on record saying they will use their transponders, basically telling their constituents to go fly a kite.

How out of touch are these fellas...jobs are leaving the region (I know, I lived in South Bend as a child, until my dad got a better job in Indy. His old job in SB was gone in two years), gas is going up, and nothing new is going there. Voters up there should give both of these guys the boot in the fall.

04 June 2008


Finally can mean many things. Finally, the Stanley Cup finals (Go Pens). Finally, it stopped raining. In this case, finally means we have our prizefight contenders from the R's and D's. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been the presumptive GOP nominee for some time now, laying back and quietly going about his business. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has enough delegates and convention superdelegates to clinch the nomination.

The question I'm asking now is, who's number two? No not the quiet man with an eyepatch who runs the legitimate side of things, but the VP slot? Sen. Clinton (D-NY) seems to be eyeing the veep position, but I ask my liberal friends how can you support a candidate who is running on a platform of change then have a running mate who ran her campaign on experience?? Not only that, but the thought of having four more years of President Bill Clinton around the White House is a bit unsettling, for more than one reason.

As for the GOP side, I'm betting either former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), or current Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) get the spot for the Republicans. McCain is more known as a maverick, not what the "conservative" GOP might really want. Either Romney or Jindal bring those credentials to the convention, but Jindal would be better served because he would balance the ticket in the South, and honestly, if I were Romney, I'd lay low for four years, knowing that McCain probably won't win, and he can run in 2012 as the "true conservative."

Since there are no concrete running mates, where do you weigh in?

01 June 2008

Presidential Prospects

The primary season is almost over. We have the Democrats and Republicans...let's size them up.

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)'s campaign is on life support waiting for the universal health care to cut it off. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) disowns a man he says he could disown no more than he could his racist white grandmother, then says Rev. Wright wasn't really a spiritual adviser.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was a "foot soldier" for President Reagan, then was considered a maverick on the Hill, now he tries to carry the conservative mantle for the GOP. I never met a conservative that is for global warming legislation, campaign finance reform, and forced cooperation from the private sector.

Neither party really has a candidate that is for freedom and liberty, both personal or economically. One side wants to take away your opportunity to choose your own doctors, double your taxes, and remove your individuality. The other side wants to limit your speech, monitor your lives, and tell you who you can and can't be with.

Libertarians believe in a smaller, friendlier, more efficient government. If you want sole dominion of your life and your wallet, the Libertarian Party may be for you!!

31 May 2008

Barr/Root for President, and Other Thoughts

It's been a week now and I've heard people both for and against the ticket chosen by the national convention state why it's either a good or bad idea. Proponents say this brings national name recognition and a "balanced" ticket (Rep. Barr from Georgia, Root from Vegas), as well as giving true conservatives one more legitimate reason to not vote for Senator McCain. Opponents say it's a move to become GOP lite or a more socially conservative LP, selling out the idealist soul of the party for a higher vote total.

I think that while we have the "north pole" libertarians, we have to be willing to accept the people that want liberty and freedom that come from other parties. Not everyone is a Libertarian at birth, Lord knows I wasn't. I came from a family of a fairly liberal mother, and a conservative-leaning father. I was a Democrat through the Clinton years, then when I went on my own, I realized that taxes were just insane, etc. I didn't vote Republican because of the Religious Right hypocrisy on the death penalty. I became a Libertarian because I agree 90% of the time, only one real issue I have, which I won't discuss in this forum.

I think Rep. Barr is still very socially conservative, but he's realized that government can't legislate morality (my big thing), and that Root, for the Reagan Republican he was raised, is bent on getting government out of the lives and laptops of people.

All in all, Mary Ruwart was a good candidate, but some of her past statements could marginalize the party in November. Rep. Barr has a gravitas and name recognition that resonates with conservatives and libertarians alike. As for Root, anyone that listens to sports radio knows his voice as well. I like the ticket overall, and I think those that want to be a freer society, this ticket is their best bet.

04 March 2008

Favre and Away

Over the past few years, I regularly write about politics, but there is more to life. Growing up a Chicago Bears fan, Brett Favre was the thorn in the side of my team for the better part of two decades. His gunslinging, throw caution to the wind, freewheeling style of football enamored fans and won many games for his Packers, including Super Bowl XXXI against the Patriots. He retired today, and twenty one starting quarterbacks later, Chicago fans have a reason to smile.

24 February 2008

Congressional Controversy

Yes, I am alive and well...surprise! Anyway, my hopes for a new and improved Lawrence were put on hold one month into Mayor Ricketts' term when there was the proposal of a $15,000 raise. Mr. Mayor did the right thing only after there was an uproar from the citizenry. Then this past week, in the midst of a winter weather advisory, his office issued a statement urging citizens to stay off the roads unless necessary because the city DPW is almost out of salt. Grr....but I digress.

Now onto the issue of the day. March 11 presents Indiana voters with an intriguing opportunity for an election. No straight ticket, just pick one of three. It's local Libertarian activist Sean Shepard against City-County Councillor Andre Carson (D) and State Representative Jon Elrod (R).

Shepard is the only pro-family, pro-business, pro-FairTax candidate I can see. He's the most well-spoken, and provides many solutions facing the country. Now Elrod is seen as an electable Republican in a Democrat stronghold. I think he may be too liberal for most conservatives, and doesn't come across as very communicative, especially when talking about foreclosure. However, he's won elections in heavily Democrat districts, and is renowned for hitting the pavement. Carson is running in his first contested election. The grandson of the late Congresswoman, Carson is painting himself as tough on national security and as a tolerant man. However, with ties to the Nation of Islam, and a former job as an Excise Officer (88th of 89 in his class), his rhetoric and accusations of nepotism may be his undoing. That, or the fact he can't take heat from constituents.

This will be an interesting race, and then the primary is six weeks after that...then the real fun begins!