08 July 2008

Public Safety??

I know, I know, people are grumbling of a corrupt police force and pointing fingers at Mayor Ballard. Now, Mayor Ballard took office in January, and took control of the police force shortly thereafter. When it comes to the recent rash of police improprieties and homicides, I'm of the turn the other cheek mode. Mayor Ballard is a decent man trying to pick up the pieces left by the Peterson administration, and every naysayer is looking for an excuse to give him heartburn.

Personally, I think Mayor Ballard has done a good job given the circumstances, and look forward to the first budget HE submits before I go Chicken Little on him. No blaming Peterson or Sheriff Anderson, that's just unfair and out of line. However...if he starts cutting public safety in the name of a pet project, then the gloves are off.

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