31 May 2008

Barr/Root for President, and Other Thoughts

It's been a week now and I've heard people both for and against the ticket chosen by the national convention state why it's either a good or bad idea. Proponents say this brings national name recognition and a "balanced" ticket (Rep. Barr from Georgia, Root from Vegas), as well as giving true conservatives one more legitimate reason to not vote for Senator McCain. Opponents say it's a move to become GOP lite or a more socially conservative LP, selling out the idealist soul of the party for a higher vote total.

I think that while we have the "north pole" libertarians, we have to be willing to accept the people that want liberty and freedom that come from other parties. Not everyone is a Libertarian at birth, Lord knows I wasn't. I came from a family of a fairly liberal mother, and a conservative-leaning father. I was a Democrat through the Clinton years, then when I went on my own, I realized that taxes were just insane, etc. I didn't vote Republican because of the Religious Right hypocrisy on the death penalty. I became a Libertarian because I agree 90% of the time, only one real issue I have, which I won't discuss in this forum.

I think Rep. Barr is still very socially conservative, but he's realized that government can't legislate morality (my big thing), and that Root, for the Reagan Republican he was raised, is bent on getting government out of the lives and laptops of people.

All in all, Mary Ruwart was a good candidate, but some of her past statements could marginalize the party in November. Rep. Barr has a gravitas and name recognition that resonates with conservatives and libertarians alike. As for Root, anyone that listens to sports radio knows his voice as well. I like the ticket overall, and I think those that want to be a freer society, this ticket is their best bet.