18 December 2008

Annie, Get Your....$#!^, They Took That Too??

Looks like Greg Ballard has a Greg Bowes-esque view on liberty. Business owners can't make choices on their properties, now weapons owners have to get licensed with the city?? Doesn't the state already mandate a weapons license?? Isn't it already illegal to bring a gun across state lines without AG approval? I mean come one, talk about a law of unintended consequences.

When Plaxico Burress shot himself, albeit accidentally, I told a friend, it's crap like this that will take away gun owners' rights. I didn't think an elected Republican would propose this, then again I didn't think an elected Republican would directly inject billions of tax dollars into the economy, removing the barrier between the government and the free market.

Yet another reason to vote Libertarian. What's more important, keeping with the two headed beast, or voting for everyday people, with decent, common sense ideas??