19 March 2009

My House, My Rules

I've been busy, now working two jobs (70 hrs/wk combined) in an attempt to whittle away debt, as well as trying to be an activist. I was recently featured on Mike Kole's podcast about a pub crawl I recently organized in support of businesses against a comprehensive smoking ban in Marion County.

I believe that a comprehensive ban, coupled with a modified ban (the current one in Marion County [18+ establishments allow smoking, all ages=no smoking]), will drive consumers away from Marion County to outlying counties and municipalities that allow smoking.

This to me is not a partisan issue. Simply put, smoking in a bar is an adult activity done in an adult environment. I understand not exposing minors to smoke, but as rational adults, use common sense and not the government to voice your opinion. If you want a non-smoking bar, there is Brothers in Broad Ripple as an example. Let the market work, don't let government impose on the bottom line.