27 February 2007

Individual vs. The Greater Good, Round 2

The Indiana House shot down a proposal for a 25 cent per pack increase to the state's cigarette tax. The monies collected would go towards paying for insurance for low-income Hoosiers, also known as subsidized health care, but Democrats and Republicans don't want you to know that. The measure, defeated 52-44, had to pass by the end of the week because of legislative rules regarding outstanding bills moving to the other chamber for passage.

Once again, predatory legislative practices have come back to bite that government in the butt. Attempting to pick on one vice over another is no way to write laws. Let the individuals make their choices, and let them own up to them. It's not the role of government to make the choices for the individual.

20 February 2007


Apparently, the Indiana General Assembly knows no limits. Again, using "the children" as the reason this time for more legislation, the State Senate is making it illegal to sell rated "M" and "AO" to minors. Straight out of the "DUH" files, the legislature is now taking action where the private sector was handling the situation. The game ratings are similiar to movies, with the M rating equal to R, etc. Retailers are prompted for the higher rated games, asking for ID. I know, I've been carded buying a rated-M game.

The author of the bill is a "defender of the First Amendment," Sen. Vi Simpson (D-Elletsville). She's trying to legislate morality on a statewide scale the same way Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, also a Democrat, tried to do back in 2000. Peterson's law was deemed unconstitutional, and similar legislation from other states are not meeting the constitutionality test. This is nothing more than another extension of the nanny state by liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans.

16 February 2007

It's For Your Own Good

That's what Rep. Peggy Welch (D-Bloomington) wants you to believe when she brought a bill to the Legislature requiring seat belts be worn in pickup trucks. According to the Indy Star, Rep. Bill Ruppel, (R-North Manchester) made an amendment to the bill, banning passengers in the bed of a pickup.

This is nothing more than another attempt to grow the nanny state and Big Brother. Individuals are responsible for themselves, and should make appropriate choices. Not only that, the bill shouldn't even exist. The solution is very simple. When one signs up for auto insurance, they must agree to wear a seat belt. This agreement is made by two private groups, no government involvement. If there is an accident, and there is not a seat belt worn, then there will be no basis for a claim as the agreement was violated. End of story, end of drama.

I just wish that the liberal Democrats and equally liberal Republican parties will get a grip on their own thirst for power over people's lives and pocketbooks. Without changes, there will be nothing left to give them as they will have taken everything, and left nothing to the individual.

15 February 2007

Double Standard

Yesterday, former NBA star Tim Hardaway was on Miami radio, and the topic turned to John Amaechi, another former NBA player who just recently came out as a homosexual. Hardaway took no time to open mouth and insert foot. Admitting he's homophobic and hates gay people, Hardaway is a bigot and a hypocrite! If his remarks were about blacks, Jews, etc., he'd be taken behind the barn. The even sadder part, is that Dan Le Batard (the Miami host), told Hardaway that the remarks were bigoted, and Hardaway agreed.

Fortunately, not everyone in the NBA is as short-sighted as Hardaway. Shaquille O'Neal and Mark Cuban applaud Amaechi. David Stern has even pulled from Hardaway from all NBA-sponsored appearances, and will no longer be a goodwill ambassador/spokesman. Hardaway sounds like George Wallace, and he doesn't even know it.

14 February 2007

Snow Survival: The Good, The Bad, and The Very Ugly

I can't remember I saw this much snow in Indy, and I've lived here since '88. Having previously lived in South Bend, I was used to lake-effects as a kid, and it was commonplace for a fresh 6''-12'' daily in winter. 125 miles south, and the city's at a halt...interesting. Anyway, for those that are reading today were careful outdoors, or just stayed in.

Today was good because I made it to and from Fishers safely with no incidents. Beth's a teacher, and she enjoyed a snow day like the rest of her students. Today was bad because I had to run to Wal-Mart and became stuck on 56th Street at a stop light. Thanks to the two Good Samaritans who helped me very much, you were my guardian angels tonight. The very ugly is the plow that came through my neighborhood and decided to rip off my mailbox with its blade, along with several others, upsetting me and my neighbors alike.

I was watching the news tonight, and I found out that my neighborhood in Lawrence isn't the only one to suffer that fate. It also happened in Carmel, the situation is solved with the city paying for damages to an individual's property (a new mailbox). Beth called the City of Lawrence, as well as our homeowner's association, and all we get is, "We'll get back to you." If someone had deliberately removed my mailbox, that's vandalism, and that's criminal activity. Let's see if the City of Lawrence commits a crime and gets away with it, or owns up to its mistake.

10 February 2007

It's Just a .... It Don't Hurt Nobody

One could insert anything and get a response. It's just a massage parlor, it's a high-stakes poker game, it's just this, it's just that. Sen. Glenn Howard (D-Indianapolis) is on the hot seat for comments made when a pea shake house was raided in his district. From the original police report, Howard said the illegal operation "don't hurt nobody, it's just a pea shake. I know it's illegal, but they don't hurt nobody."

Sen. Howard is the Assistant Caucus Chair in the State Senate, and ranking Democrat on several committees. How can a man who assists in writing the laws of the land pick and choose which ones he obeys? This is nothing more than using his influence to try and get his constituents off the hook. If my State Senator, Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) tried pulling this stunt, he'd be facing intimidation charges, and people calling for his resignation.

Simply put, the People's Republic of Indianapolis turns a blind eye, rewrites reports removing any potential improprieties, and maintains the status quo of failure to truly serve and protect its citizenry.

05 February 2007

Rain of Terror

As the die-hard Bears fan that I am (self-admittedly), I was proud to wear the navy and orange watching the game. Watching Devin Hester run the opening kickoff back gave me an early level of comfort, albeit mostly silent due to being the only Bears fan watching the game with friends and family. I reasoned, that since the Colts were a dome team, the Bears would have the upper hand in the inclement weather.

Then Rex took the field.

Grossman had a few good plays, like the TD to Muhsin Muhammad. The other good play was handing off to Thomas Jones on the 52-yard run. Beyond that, he handled the ball worse than Garo Yepremian. What right-minded football player fumbles the ball then runs AWAY from it?? Yes, it was raining. Hunter Smith dropped the PAT, then wore gloves the rest of the game...do you think Rex could take a freaking clue??

Grossman was so putrid because if he didn't turn the ball over, it was three-and-out, and back on defense. Yes, Da Bears had the #1 defense in the NFC, but when they're on the field for forty-plus minutes, there's a problem; it's called lack of offense.

Enough about the Bears, the Colts took a quarter to figure it out, then took it to the Bears in every aspect. Squibbing to avoid Hester, the two-headed monster at running back, the precision passing of Peyton Manning, a tenacious, opportunistic defense, and the overall confidence of Tony Dungy led the Colts to lift the Lombardi Trophy in Miami.

02 February 2007

Super Bowl Shuffle, Part Deux

As many remember, the 1985 Chicago Bears shuffled their way to a 15-1 record and to Super Bowl XX, handling the New England Patriots 46-10. That team was written into NFL lore as one of the best of all times, only behind the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

This year, they're facing the Indianapolis Colts, and everyone's asking me where I stand. I stood with the Bears in 2004, when they were slaughtered 41-9 at Soldier Field by the Colts, and I'll stand again wearing my Brian Urlacher jersey.

I predict it will come down to a field goal, this time Adam Vinatieri isn't involved in the final kick. Robbie Gould puts it through the uprights for a 24-21 Bears win. Even Sweetness will be shuffling somewhere :).

Pendleton Pike Parkway

Today, Lawrence Mayor Sarah Cantwell delivered her State of the City address to the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce. Among the topics were pushing for a private takeover of the city's water utility, which in theory would save $200 annually for a household. In theory, it's a good idea, letting private sector do something that is not a function of government. She also brought up renaming Pendleton Pike to the Lawrence Parkway. That made me laugh a bit, to be perfectly honest.

When one hears of a parkway, such as Fall Creek, I think of distinguished, upper-income housing, nice neighborhoods, and nice scenery. When I drive down Pendleton Pike (from 465 to Mitthoeffer), I see numerous strip clubs, a license branch, trailer parks, check cashing businesses, and various vacant properties. Not to mention potholes that could break an axle if one wasn't too careful.

Mayor Cantwell has in the past talked about the growth of Lawrence post-Ft. Ben. It's true that a lot of development has come in and taken over a lot of the former Army base (Ivy Tech, various banks, fast-food, CVS, and other small businesses). It's also true that there has been a explosion of development along Pendleton Pike from 56th Street east to Carroll Road. Most of that development came when she wasn't even the Mayor though.

Frankly, Mayor Cantwell is playing a game of three-card monty with the citizens of Lawrence, and I think is using a feel-good story to get her re-elected. That, or to get the Justice Department "thing" out of the limelight for a while.

01 February 2007

For Better or For Worse

Those words are part of most any marital vows. I know, I took them just over nine months ago, and they still ring in my head everyday. I married Beth of my own choice, and vice versa. Everyone who wants to be married should be, as long as there is a minister, priest, rabbi, imam, etc. who will officiate the ceremony. The reason I'm talking about this is because our big government Republican led State Senate is still working on SJR-7, aka the Gay Marriage Amendment.

What this does is effectively tell people that are homosexual that they can't marry because the government says its wrong. I'm a very open-minded person, with many friends from many walks of life. Who does the government think it is, telling someone that can't be happy? What about the pursuit of happiness?? Isn't that in some famous document or something??

Minimum State Increase

The Indiana House passed a new minimum wage, higher than the one currently in the U.S. Congress. The $7.50 per hour is another way the D's and R's are trying to force their wills on the people of this state. Some say it's an inflation adjustment. I say it's government telling business how to pay its employees. Government is not a player in business, it's a referee, if anything!!

I wrote a letter to the Star, this is what it'll say if it's published in its entirety:

"The minimum wage increase approved by the Indiana House is another step towards the nanny state that most Democrats and quite a few Republicans hope to establish here in the Hoosier State.

Small businessmen don't like being told how to operate. That's why they're going out on their own in the first place. When the government wants to get involved in day to day operations of private firms, the nanny state is further expanded, and personal freedom is contracted."

Wage increases are agreements between an employer and an employee. I've never asked for a raise from the government, and I don't intend on starting today.