05 February 2007

Rain of Terror

As the die-hard Bears fan that I am (self-admittedly), I was proud to wear the navy and orange watching the game. Watching Devin Hester run the opening kickoff back gave me an early level of comfort, albeit mostly silent due to being the only Bears fan watching the game with friends and family. I reasoned, that since the Colts were a dome team, the Bears would have the upper hand in the inclement weather.

Then Rex took the field.

Grossman had a few good plays, like the TD to Muhsin Muhammad. The other good play was handing off to Thomas Jones on the 52-yard run. Beyond that, he handled the ball worse than Garo Yepremian. What right-minded football player fumbles the ball then runs AWAY from it?? Yes, it was raining. Hunter Smith dropped the PAT, then wore gloves the rest of the game...do you think Rex could take a freaking clue??

Grossman was so putrid because if he didn't turn the ball over, it was three-and-out, and back on defense. Yes, Da Bears had the #1 defense in the NFC, but when they're on the field for forty-plus minutes, there's a problem; it's called lack of offense.

Enough about the Bears, the Colts took a quarter to figure it out, then took it to the Bears in every aspect. Squibbing to avoid Hester, the two-headed monster at running back, the precision passing of Peyton Manning, a tenacious, opportunistic defense, and the overall confidence of Tony Dungy led the Colts to lift the Lombardi Trophy in Miami.

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