14 February 2007

Snow Survival: The Good, The Bad, and The Very Ugly

I can't remember I saw this much snow in Indy, and I've lived here since '88. Having previously lived in South Bend, I was used to lake-effects as a kid, and it was commonplace for a fresh 6''-12'' daily in winter. 125 miles south, and the city's at a halt...interesting. Anyway, for those that are reading today were careful outdoors, or just stayed in.

Today was good because I made it to and from Fishers safely with no incidents. Beth's a teacher, and she enjoyed a snow day like the rest of her students. Today was bad because I had to run to Wal-Mart and became stuck on 56th Street at a stop light. Thanks to the two Good Samaritans who helped me very much, you were my guardian angels tonight. The very ugly is the plow that came through my neighborhood and decided to rip off my mailbox with its blade, along with several others, upsetting me and my neighbors alike.

I was watching the news tonight, and I found out that my neighborhood in Lawrence isn't the only one to suffer that fate. It also happened in Carmel, the situation is solved with the city paying for damages to an individual's property (a new mailbox). Beth called the City of Lawrence, as well as our homeowner's association, and all we get is, "We'll get back to you." If someone had deliberately removed my mailbox, that's vandalism, and that's criminal activity. Let's see if the City of Lawrence commits a crime and gets away with it, or owns up to its mistake.

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