20 February 2007


Apparently, the Indiana General Assembly knows no limits. Again, using "the children" as the reason this time for more legislation, the State Senate is making it illegal to sell rated "M" and "AO" to minors. Straight out of the "DUH" files, the legislature is now taking action where the private sector was handling the situation. The game ratings are similiar to movies, with the M rating equal to R, etc. Retailers are prompted for the higher rated games, asking for ID. I know, I've been carded buying a rated-M game.

The author of the bill is a "defender of the First Amendment," Sen. Vi Simpson (D-Elletsville). She's trying to legislate morality on a statewide scale the same way Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, also a Democrat, tried to do back in 2000. Peterson's law was deemed unconstitutional, and similar legislation from other states are not meeting the constitutionality test. This is nothing more than another extension of the nanny state by liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans.

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