18 November 2005

Consolidation Chaos

Sherron Franklin is a marked woman now. In 2007, she has the biggest bullseye on the City-County Council. Not from Republicans, but her own party. Standing up for what you believe in can be a big pain sometimes, but that's the price of integrity. She voted for her job, not her party. Have to respect one with principles, I say. Her victory in 2003 was only by a handful of votes, and you have to imagine Ed Treacy is looking for someone in her district to slate that will spout the party mantra, rather than one's own convictions.

I applaud Councillor Franklin for her integrity and honesty. It's a trait that's long lost in politics, and hopefully I'll see more of it in the future as I move to Indianapolis.

On another note, State Sen. Murray Clark (R-Indianapolis) is resigning, looks like City-County Councillor Isaac "Ike" Randolph (R) wants the job. I think he'd do a good job for his district, but some in the district, which stretches into eastern Hendricks County say Ike isn't "conservative enough." Governor Daniels hasn't taken sides, but has inferred through his people that he'd like Ike.

All in all, 2007 shapes up two years early, and you and I get front-row seats. Will Peterson run for a third term? Will he win a third term? Will the Democrats maintain their razor-thin 15-14 margin?? Will a Libertarian get on the Council, throwing the balance of power out the window?? Only way to find out is to get involved!!