16 February 2007

It's For Your Own Good

That's what Rep. Peggy Welch (D-Bloomington) wants you to believe when she brought a bill to the Legislature requiring seat belts be worn in pickup trucks. According to the Indy Star, Rep. Bill Ruppel, (R-North Manchester) made an amendment to the bill, banning passengers in the bed of a pickup.

This is nothing more than another attempt to grow the nanny state and Big Brother. Individuals are responsible for themselves, and should make appropriate choices. Not only that, the bill shouldn't even exist. The solution is very simple. When one signs up for auto insurance, they must agree to wear a seat belt. This agreement is made by two private groups, no government involvement. If there is an accident, and there is not a seat belt worn, then there will be no basis for a claim as the agreement was violated. End of story, end of drama.

I just wish that the liberal Democrats and equally liberal Republican parties will get a grip on their own thirst for power over people's lives and pocketbooks. Without changes, there will be nothing left to give them as they will have taken everything, and left nothing to the individual.

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