01 February 2007

Minimum State Increase

The Indiana House passed a new minimum wage, higher than the one currently in the U.S. Congress. The $7.50 per hour is another way the D's and R's are trying to force their wills on the people of this state. Some say it's an inflation adjustment. I say it's government telling business how to pay its employees. Government is not a player in business, it's a referee, if anything!!

I wrote a letter to the Star, this is what it'll say if it's published in its entirety:

"The minimum wage increase approved by the Indiana House is another step towards the nanny state that most Democrats and quite a few Republicans hope to establish here in the Hoosier State.

Small businessmen don't like being told how to operate. That's why they're going out on their own in the first place. When the government wants to get involved in day to day operations of private firms, the nanny state is further expanded, and personal freedom is contracted."

Wage increases are agreements between an employer and an employee. I've never asked for a raise from the government, and I don't intend on starting today.

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