10 February 2007

It's Just a .... It Don't Hurt Nobody

One could insert anything and get a response. It's just a massage parlor, it's a high-stakes poker game, it's just this, it's just that. Sen. Glenn Howard (D-Indianapolis) is on the hot seat for comments made when a pea shake house was raided in his district. From the original police report, Howard said the illegal operation "don't hurt nobody, it's just a pea shake. I know it's illegal, but they don't hurt nobody."

Sen. Howard is the Assistant Caucus Chair in the State Senate, and ranking Democrat on several committees. How can a man who assists in writing the laws of the land pick and choose which ones he obeys? This is nothing more than using his influence to try and get his constituents off the hook. If my State Senator, Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) tried pulling this stunt, he'd be facing intimidation charges, and people calling for his resignation.

Simply put, the People's Republic of Indianapolis turns a blind eye, rewrites reports removing any potential improprieties, and maintains the status quo of failure to truly serve and protect its citizenry.

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