01 July 2008

I Deserve It…

I heard of some of the rumblings of those hit hardest by the flooding in southwest-central Indiana. They got "only" $1,000 or $2,000 from a charitable trust run by their employer. The thought they "deserved" more was appalling to me. If I were in that situation, I wouldn't be saying give me money because I "deserve" it. I'd be saying, "OK, I'm up a creek (no pun intended), now what can I do to get out of the situation?"

What needs to come into focus is the mentality of some that look to Big Brother for everything, financial support, housing, medical assistance, etc. Now as a Libertarian, I despise most of those concepts. However, as a human being, I get that sometimes government should help those that can't help themselves for a short term. Nothing more than a year, or else the helpless individual starts to become addicted to the taxpayers' dime.

The moral of the story here is when people get used to the morphine of government money, the withdrawals can be painful.

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Anonymous said...

We should hunt these people down and drown them. And their kids. And their pets. And their relatives.

Just kidding, I agree with you. :)

Take a look at New Orleans: the bailout comes with a price! ("Now then sir, if you'll just come with us, and by the way, do you have any guns in your house that need to be 'secured'?")