01 November 2008

Internal Preferences, not Schools

Those should be the initials of IPS. My wife is an IPS teacher who found out her school is closing at the end of the academic year. Her school was one of the ones improving, actually on a path to make National Blue Ribbon status. Her school is on the list for Phase III. My friend Ed Angleton knows what that means...Bonding.

Her school was part of the referendum for $273 million in capital improvements. Unfortunately, it's too late to pare back the bond amount. Now that the school closings have been leaked/announced, Superintendent Dr. Eugene White says that the board won't use all of the monies allocated. Right, and I'm the Pope. I'd be very interested if the school board discovers other "improvements" in other current schools to be made by the end of the year.

White believes that the money is more important than the students. I thought teachers and administrators were in the business of educating the youth of today to prepare them for tomorrow. While I understand that declining enrollment means fewer schools open, why close one of the schools that's actually exceeding expectations, building a reputation, and turning out good kids??

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