11 November 2008

Getting in on the Ground Floor

My friends, Mark Rutherford wrote on his blog recently about how Libertarians need to work the mail room before becoming the CEO. I whole-heartedly agree. We need to look at the smaller races (Township Trustee, countywide offices, with strong State Rep and State Senate candidates) before we look at the Governor's Mansion. With that said, 2010 is our ballot access race for Secretary of State (Any volunteers?)

Libertarians in Indiana have an excellent opportunity to retool, reload, and refocus in 2009. But you say, there's no elections. I say, exactly. Having an off year in the cycle gives us an opportunity to canvas, raise funds, and deliver a message that makes that emotional connection as to why someone should punch the "L" next to the office. It's one thing to be educated and principled, it's another to drive the point home using a real, lasting connection rather than a hypothetical. Trust me, tending bar is easier when you make a connection rather than, make drink, pay for drink. What I mean is, anyone can make a margarita, but the best bartenders give people something to remember, and they come back.

I ask all potential candidates for 2010 start thinking about how to connect with voters rather than tell them how the Libertarian philosophy is the right way. Give people a taste of the good stuff, and they'll wanna drink the whole bottle. Who's thirsty?

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Rob said...

Chris -

I posted a similar thought on one of the Yahoo! groups several months (or maybe years) back. I got no response - no negative OR positive comments.

I too recommended we not only try to bolster our election results but that we also should make an honest, concerted effort in educating the public about the Libertarian party. Unfortunately, the majority of politically-motivated people (even Libertarians) believe the only way to show success is to win an election. That certainly helps but even then, if you are the minority, your voice is just as good as silent. With the two majors controlling the media (and message), I feel the only way a 3rd party is going to be successful is to work full-time, year round, on spreading their message, educating the public.

Right now, that's not our party.