15 November 2008

Cut the Crap!

After all of this election hullabaloo, I'm wondering how sincere President-elect Obama is about governing from the center. I think he's going to try some out-there policy shifts, and people will scream bloody murder. Soon afterwards, the test balloons will stop, and he will truly run the country from the center. He knows that it's a two year audition, which makes for an awfully short honeymoon.

What worries me is if the GOP will be trying to shift to the right (which it should, in the name of gridlock, at the very least), or if there will be a sentiment of bipartisanship. I'm thinking Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) will be fighting every instance of liberalism tooth and nail.

For the next two years, we libertarians (small-l and big-L) need to keep both parties committed to true social and economic freedom in the face of mounting bailouts and falling markets.

This begins at the most local of government. Libertarians need to step up to the challenge in the next election two years from now, and put the pressure on the incumbents committed to stealing your money and freedom. Township trustees, county clerks (very important, they do run the elections after all), and the General Assembly (all Reps and half the Senate) are up for grabs in 2010. Don't forget, the critical Secretary of State race happens then too. That is our ballot access race. Please remember, just because the country may be down, there is a true change everyone can believe in. It's not just a slogan, it's a way of life. Besides, who doesn't like more money in their pockets, or more freedoms to enjoy? People are not responsible to their government, government is responsible to its citizens.

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