03 November 2008

Predictions and Prognostications

OK, it's not Jimmy the Greek or the Great Carnac, but here are my predictions for tomorrow's election. Abdul put his predictions up and I commented there, here are my guesses (all they are, I have no scientific basis to claim expertise here)

Presidential - Obama 303-238…53%
Indiana Prez Vote - McCain 52-47
Gubernatorial - Daniels with 55% of the vote…JLT gets some straight ticket, not enough to overcome six weeks off the air.
US Senate - Dems pick up 4 seats in the Senate
US House - Dems pick up 12 seats in the House.
State House - 51D-48R-1L
Public Question #1 -Adios assessors
Public Question #2 (in IPS district) -Praying no, but what Dr. White wants, Dr. White gets

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