05 September 2008

Broken Promises

Last year, I was the Libertarian nominee for Mayor of Lawrence. The winner, Republican Paul Ricketts ran on a platform of reform and responsibility. I ran on fiscal discipline and transparency. At the candidates' forum, I spoke of a cut of five to ten percent on all non-public safety departments. A week later, a mailer went out by Ricketts saying he was for a flat five percent cut. Ricketts won the election.

Fast forward to February 08, he was to receive a $15,000 raise from the Water Department. However, a state law disallows any pay raise in a current budget. This week, the Lawrence Common Council looked into a raise in the next budget for the Mayor, again from the Water Department.

I went on record as saying I would cut my own salary in order to help public safety. Granted it would've been only $3,250-$6,500, but if you vote for the lesser of two evils, instead of someone who brings a real , you reap what you sow.

My friend Mike Kole said it best, "I'm sick of Republicans who campaign like Libertarians and govern like Democrats."

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