18 September 2008


I know a lot of people love the new Lucas Oil Stadium. It's state of the art, has a retractable roof, it got Indianapolis a Super Bowl...so on and so forth. The Kenny Chesney concert over the weekend was atrocious from people I've personally talked to, poor acoustics, no leg room, and lack of toiletries were the primary complaints from the concert-goers.

Now Brendan O'Shaughnessy from the Star wrote the annual deficit may be TWICE as bad. Now it's $20 million to maintain the facility that the city doesn't have. The staaste is starting to assist, and the Colts, with all the revenue they generate rent-free are playing the "a contract is a contract" card.

I call bullshit, Irsay was quoted saying it's the people's stadium, well if it is the people's stadium, why are there no tickets directly available, why only to season ticket holders? If it's the people's stadium, why do you Mr. Irsay get all revenues from Colts games, and up to half of non-Colts events at the stadium? If it's the people's stadium, why lie about the cost of the monstrosity, and then have no way to fund its maintenance? Why would you, Jim Irsay, give a flying flip? You got your millions of dollars in naming rights from Forrest Lucas, your new home free, paid for by the taxpayers, and the sweetest deal this side of the Sudetenland.

Mr. Irsay, I hope for your sake the Colts win five more Super Bowls, or the court of public opinion may find you guilty of gross misconduct.

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