08 October 2008

The Obamanomics of It All

First came socialism, now comes Marxism...Senator Obama is in town today, and talks proposing cutting insurance premiums and giving the uninsured Congressional insurance...how does he plan on paying for this? We went away from the gold standard because of the Great Society, what would this plan be, the Next Society...Lenin is smiling somewhere.

With the economic crisis continuing, and the Dow down 160 points, is more regulation the answer? How much more can Congress turn this country into Venezuela, and how much longer will the American people take it? The stock market is like a marriage, it has ups and it has downs, but it works out if both parties want it too...the market and the investors are married with money, it just seems that the government is the homewrecker on the side, offering something one can't offer the other. Is divorce really worth it?

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