02 October 2005

Why I became a Libertarian

Many ask me why I'm not a "moderate Republican"....here's why.

Why I became a Libertarian...good question. I was raised "politically homeless" and split my ticket for several years. Growing up in the Clinton era, I was a big proponent of social issues, protecting civil rights, etc. My mother is very liberal (self-admitted, I'll have you know) and instilled that in me. But at the same time, I despised how he spent money like a drunken sailor. My problem with Republicans was that they spoke of fiscal responsibility, yet failed to deliver, and moral values, but did not exhibit such.

Conservative icons like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich have fallen from grace a bit to me, with the scandals that have enveloped their personal lives and turned them into hypocrites, in my eyes. I liked their stance on fiscal issues, but I didn't like how they thought the government had the right to tell people how to live their personal lives.

I had heard of the Libertarians mostly due to hearing the name Andy Horning every election, and heard him speak a couple of times and he made a lot of sense. I thought, it's a good idea, but will never win, it's a wasted vote.

In 2003, I wrote a paper on the Libertarians as a Sociology project, and met Phil Miller. Down to earth, then-incumbent City Councilman in Greenfield. We chatted, he gave me the book Libertarianism in One Lesson. It opened my eyes completely. I agreed with almost everything (nothing's perfect) in the book, and I joined shortly thereafter. I ran for Council as the only legitimate fiscal conservative on the ballot. I've been very involved, but now I'm scaling back my activities a bit as I prepare for my wedding in April, and enjoy the soon-to-be married life.

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