10 October 2005

Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes

Governor Daniels is at it again. Another liberal tax and spend policy from a "fiscal conservative." Click here for the story on how he wants to give cities and towns the ability to levy income, sales, and food/beverage taxes on individuals.

Now he says he's for the idea if property taxes truly go down, but that's like giving an alcoholic a case of beer. It's been my experience that people in power only want one thing, more power. I highly doubt that property taxes would decrease as a result of other tax increases. That would be the right and decent thing to do of a governmental body.

The only way this law would work is if the municipalities were to concurrently reduce the taxes, not make that an option, but a prerequisite to enacting the other taxes. That would not make it nearly as palatable to legislators because of the zero-sum game principle.

Another way of thinking is the FairTax principle. Make the Indiana tax system consumption based vs. income based. I don't like Uncle Sam or the State of Indiana getting into my wallet before I do. If there is one entitlement program I like, it's that your entitled to your entire paycheck.

Republicans have learned how to govern like Democrats. If you're a voter that believes government should live within its means, the Republican Party will only feed lip service, and waste a vote. Voting Libertarian will ensure your vote is not wasted.

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