15 October 2005

Why Republicans Are Losing the War at Home

My friends, everyone talks about what Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have to say, yet those words are similar to what Hannity calls "Clinton Kool-Aid drinkers." Republicans simply are long on rhetoric, short on delivery. That sounds eerily similar to the Democrats of the past.

In 1994, Newt Gingrich offered citizens the Contract with America, a simple way to limit government. The Republican Revolution happened that year, taking both houses of Congress. In 2000, then-Governor Bush campaigned as a "compassionate conservative", which to me means he'll give me a handshake and take my wallet with the other hand.

Many conservatives were thrilled with George W. Bush's election in 2000, with the Congress, Senate, and White House under Republican control. However, it was a short-lived honeymoon. Yes, President Bush did cut taxes (I got my check for a little over $100), but he failed to slash the budget. The federal deficit is nearly $8 trillion now and growing.

On the local level, Republicans have long held the State Senate, and reclaimed the State House of Representatives in 2004, along with the Governor's Mansion. Conservatives that voted for "My Man Mitch" thought voting for Daniels would be the end of the tax-and-spend days of O'Bannon/Kernan. Not even ten days into his new administration, Governor Daniels proposed raising taxes. At the end of the most recent legislative session, he signed off on the $1 billion project to publicly finance a new stadium for the Indianapolis Colts, a private entity, and the Indiana Convention Center expansion.

After the session, Governor Daniels went on a dog and pony show, talking of the benefits of being over-taxed. He sold out his County Councils, who almost (thank you Morgan County) all approved the measure, some unanimously. And they call themselves fiscal conservatives.

All in all, Republicans can huff and puff about what they're doing for the world, much like Democrats huff and puff about what they're doing for the children, but are they really keeping your individual rights and personal freedoms in their best interests?? Probably not. Only Libertarians have been able to do so.

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Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

I think that the Republicans are losing the war within their country because they do not deliver their promises, and because instead of serving and representing the people, they just do what they want to do.