14 October 2005

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

More and more, President Bush has talked liked a conservative, acted like a conservative, yet he hasn't delivered like a conservative. He enacted tax cuts, which is a GREAT thing, yet he hasn't delivered the spending cuts that are requisite. He talked of bringing the government under control, then bloated the domestic (non-military) budget 7-10% annually, with now Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels at the helm of OMB. He says he's a "compassionate conservative," yet he continues to increase the scope of government. Neither compassionate nor conservative if you ask me.

Now he's pushing for Harriet Miers, a well-qualified attorney, to be an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court, replacing Sandra Day O'Connor. Some conservatives are upset, after taking the Medicare bill, after taking No Child Left Behind, after spending over a quarter of a trillion dollars in Iraq, because Bush has chosen to go down the road of cronyism. Appointing his personal attorney as a Justice merely diminishes the gravitas of the Court.

President Bush wanted a woman, a well-qualified woman at that, to serve on the Court after Justice O'Connor. There were other well-qualified conservatives that have a better record than Ms. Miers. Simply put, this was supposed to be under the radar, but is turning out to be all over the darned thing.

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