06 October 2005

Government Gone Wild

I know that big government is taking over the country, much to my chagrin. But the most blatant example has unfolded over the week. State Sen. Pat Miller (R-Indianapolis) suggested a ban on medical assistance to unmarried couples. What's she really meant was "Keep the gays and single folks from having babies!!" I realize that there are some who think that child-rearing should be in the "traditional" two-parent family that is married with one man and one woman.

My point is I buy into that belief myself, but who am I to stop someone from having a child?? I am a Christian, and have my own personal views about child-rearing, but that does not give me the right to impose my views on others! If two men or two woment want to have a child, then let them. Don't tell them they can't because you don't necessarily agree with it.

Another point, what about the single parents we already have?? What do we do with them?? Do we sterilize them?? Obviously not, because they're doing it naturally! My point is this, we are NOT China! If people want to have children, let them do it, but don't tell them they can't because you think it's immoral. Don't play God, that's His job.

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