18 October 2005

Getting Its Money's Worth?

The first report of the food and beverage taxes from the doughnut counties came in yesterday. According to the Indy Star article, about half of the expected $300,000 came in since the taxes were enacted over the summer.

Johnson County had the highest number, bringing in nearly $70,000, with Hamilton County disclosing $50,000 in collections. The state thinks that businesses aren't paying their taxes, or monies due are in transit (Check's in the mail). I have a gut feeling that people are avoiding going out to eat, or just aren't going as often simply because of the subsequent government-mandated increase in dinner checks. I wonder how much business increased in Morgan County restaurants?? After all, they are the only county that did not enact the tax.

In an interesting twist, the BMV has authorized a Colts license plate. Read here. It looks like it's in the final stages, ready for an early 2006 debut. Now this is an idea I support, because it's personal choice for a project. It's not government-imposed, no dog and pony show, it's very cut-and-dry. Now if this were the initial proposition for the stadium, I'm sure it would have been more warmly received than, "We're authorizing the counties to levy taxes." The counties then say, "We'll 'listen' to constituents before we 'decide' on whether or not we want it, considering we keep half."

The government says it's a minimal tax and no one gets hurt. I disagree with that statement whole-heartedly. Restaurants suffer because of the government-imposed higher prices. Servers make less because people have less money to tip. Trust me, I know firsthand. This does not stimulate an economy that is sluggishly improving at best. What happens if the money does not come in as expected?? What will the liberal Republicans and Democrats do then? Double the tax? Triple it?? Libertarians do not believe in excessive taxation, nor do they believe in limiting the free market. Voting for Democrats and Republicans only means more taxes, fewer freedoms.

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