29 September 2005

Major Moves in the Wrong Direction

This week, Gov. Daniels proposed the Major Moves program. He wants to make the I-69 extension from Indy to Evansville a toll road, raise the rates of the Indiana Toll Road and privatize interstates.

I like the privatizing interstates, but if we're raising rates of the Toll Road and making I-69 a toll road, where are the reciprocating spending cuts? To me, it sounds like more of the same rhetoric by Gov. Daniels. He's forgotten it was fiscal conservatives that put him in office, thinking it was the end of tax and spend. All he's done since taking office is raise the taxes in Indianapolis and the surrounding counties, basically cornering the County Councils (all Republican majorities), saying raise taxes and keep 50% of the windfall.

Building a new Colts stadium and expanding the convention center does nothing for my bottom line but shrink it. Increasing taxes on the Toll Road and proposing taxes on the I-69 extension does nothing for my bottom line but shrink it. Anyway, if I'm driving to Evansville, there's always the established route of I-70/US 41 via Terre Haute. It's 12 minutes longer, as well as toll-free.

Republicans have proved once again that they do not care about fiscal responsibility. Liberal tax and spend policies are not the way to balance books. Holding government accountable like a citizen would bring it back in line. Libertarians realize that budgets in government are like those in private life, preset and if the expenses are too great, cuts are made. Republicans have not learned how to say no.

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