13 September 2005


The closure of the BMV branch in Gary is a bit peculiar to me. Gary is the state's fifth largest city, as well as in the center of Lake County, the most Democrat-controlled (and corrrupt, in some eyes) county in the state. The lease is expiring on the main BMV there, and the state isn't renewing it. Many conspiracies and racial divisions are coming forward, but I don't see it that way. I see it as a failure to provide a necessary piece of infrastructure to a broad constituency. Imagine if Joel Silverman said close a BMV office, just one BMV branch in Indianapolis. The outcry would be insane!

I realize that only Texas and California have more license branches than Indiana. I know it's a matter of convenience, but there shouldn't be two license branches in Hancock County. The one in Greenfield is consistently overworked and undermanned. Centralize one branch in each county instead of multiple branches with multiple buildings and staffs. Put it in the county seat for each office, and cut excesses. Now with bigger populations, there should be more offices, I get that. I'm just offering another solution than just throwing darts at the wall and hoping for a bulls-eye every time.

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