07 September 2005

Logistical Nightmares

I'm taking a moment away from politics to talk of another passion, sports. Right now, two major sports leagues have had their schedules thrown into a state of flux, to be generous.

The New Orleans Saints were to have opened their home season in the Superdome on the 18th against the New York Giants. Now, the Superdome is nothing more than a leaky pile of squalor surrounded by a toxic moat. The Giants are now hosting the game, moved to Sept. 19th. The Giants are being gracious hosts, donating money and time to the relief efforts of the Gulf Coast. But the problem does not end there. What of the other seven home games scheduled in the Big Easy?? The Saints are temporarily setting up shop in San Antonio, Texas, which is about 500 miles, or 9 hours, west of N'Awlins. There is also talk of them playing at LSU in Baton Rouge, or at the Houston Astrodome. Worst case scenario, 16 road games, making the Saints the NFL version of the Montreal Expos, a team without a home city.

The New Orleans Hornets play next door at the New Orleans Arena, surrounded by the same toxic moat. The Hornets are based in Houston temporarily and holding training camp at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. Fortunately, they have about six weeks to plan ahead, versus just days. Oklahoma City has stepped up to the plate with a NBA-caliber facility, also LSU is a possibility. I doubt they'll play 82 games on the road.

I just feel bad for the fans of these two teams. I find it hard to root for the home team when they don't have a home.

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