20 September 2005

Why One Should Vote Libertarian

Now I could rant and rave as to why one should vote for a Libertarian candidate, but there isn't enough tea in China for that post. What I do have to offer are very compelling statements as to why one would check the "L" instead of the "D" or "R".

-In one party counties, Lake and Hamilton counties come to mind quickly, the other "major" party doesn't have a real voice, leaving Libertarians as the primary voice of opposition to the current powers that be. This was the case in Fishers, as the all-Republican Town Council didn't even vote on a motion to raise a one percent food and beverage tax because of a major Libertarian response.

-Smaller, less intrusive government. If you voted Republican because they said they were fiscal conservatives, they lied. If you live in the doughnut counties around Indianapolis, you know that first hand, seeing those one percent taxes popping up like weeds. If you voted for Mitch Daniels because he said he would trim the budget, that was a half-truth. He cut education budgets to create new Departments, thus growing government.

-Individual rights. Libertarians respect that your house is just that, your house. You should be allowed to do what you want in there, so long as you don't infringe another's rights. You should not worry that Wal-Mart will get in the pocket of government and condemn your house for a new SuperCenter. If you're a business owner, Libertarians will let you make decisions about your business, not let the government do it for you.

-More responsibility in government. A Libertarian would work within the confines of what is given to him. No talk of property tax hikes or cuts in public safety. A Libertarian would work in the most efficient manner to make sure the taxpayer gets the most bang for the buck, not how much bucks could be banged in governmental bureaucracy.

These are a few of the many reasons to vote Libertarian. If you want more information, visit http://www.lpin.org and find your county affiliate.

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