02 September 2005

Waxing Poetic

My friends, one cannot help but see what has happened and is currently happening in the Gulf Coast. I myself, along with many others, have been to New Orleans. I remember it very clearly, in 1999.

My sister's club volleyball team advanced to the National Championships at the New Orleans Convention Center, and I was a team chaperone. It's a huge building, making the Indiana Convention Center look like a popsicle stand. I remember walking the French Quarter with the parents, going into Pat O'Brien's and drinking the world-famous Hurricanes they made, along with the beer stand called simply "Huge Ass Beers."

I am simply writing of my fond memories of The Big Easy, and on Saturday, at the LPHanC Tax Freedom Rally, we will have a donation site for the American Red Cross. All monies collected will go to the Red Cross for relief efforts in the Gulf Coast.

I ask everyone of all walks of life to pray for the refugees who have survived, and help our fellow Americans in their darkest hour.

http://www.redcross.org - American Red Cross

http://www.catholiccharitiesusa.org - Catholic Charities USA

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