12 September 2004

Campaign Update

I hit the ground running full steam ahead this past weekend. The New Palestine Lions Club Fair and Parade occurred this past Thursday through Saturday. Armed with information and volunteers, I talked to more than 300 people about my candidacy.

The topics were pretty much the same. Taxes, fiscal responsibility, and bond issues were the main thing. A few folks wanted to talk about the possibility of the Colts getting a taxpayer-funded stadium, which I replied, "Peyton Manning just signed a $98 million contract. I think he could make a friendly donation towards construction." One gentleman asked me what I thought about gun control. I explained I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. I also added that my idea of gun control is whether or not you hit your target, to which he beamed and thanked me.

Saturday morning was pretty much the big day. LPIN Executive Director Brad Klopfenstein came with the Jeep to the parade, with gubenatorial candidate Kenn Gividen (link on right), congressional candidate Rick Hodgin, and Hancock County LP Chair Phil Miller also walking the route with me, passing out flyers, chucking candy at waiting children, and talking to voters. It was a good time had by all. US Senate candidate Al Barger (link also on right) joined us at the fair after the parade, and we talked to many people about the beauty of liberty, namely in the form of smaller, more efficient government that stays out of your wallet and out of your personal life.

Al is a quote machine, reminding voters he's facing popular incumbent Senator Evan Bayh, then asking if they thought he could take them in a cage match. Rick was talking mostly about bringing the federal government more in line with the Constitution, which we are straying from more and more with each passing day. Kenn was passing out books about how to get the government out of education, and talking about what he would do if elected governor. I did my spiel, and Brad and Phil just stood back and watched the candidates work the crowd.

For my part, I got a lot of compliments from people, as far as being not only 23 and a voter, but 23, voting, and running for office. A lot of the compliments and respect came from Republicans, which made me feel good, considering I want to take one of their jobs. If I just keeping talking to people, I will get that seat on the council.

Anyway, I will probably be off to IU tomorrow to talk to the college Libertarian group. It's headed by a senior by the name of Nick Blesch. He's 23 as well, and running for the State House in the Bloomington district. He's great for the party, and will continue to grow our name on a campus full of left-wing "intellectuals."

Oh well, I must digress, gotta get up early for that 8:00 A.M. class I have myself. Time to log off here and get some shut-eye.

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