31 August 2004

Conventions....blah blah blah

First, Boston, now NYC. It's convention time, boys and girls! Time for the donkeys and elephants to parade around in something more choreographed than a Britney Spears video, touting the greatness of either liberalism or conservatism. Also it's done at taxpayer expense. $40 million each. Wow, my hard earned money going to a key program that benefits the nation as a whole.

Something else is going on in NYC right now too. Just down the street from Madison Square Garden, where every possible moderate Republican is making George W. Bush look like the leader he isn't, there is a presidential debate. No, John Kerry didn't leave Nantucket, but Michael Badnarik (Libertarian), David Cobb (Green) debated, with Ralph Nader (Independent/Reform), and Michael Peroutka (Constitution) also invited to attend, along with Bush and Kerry.

I'm sure this debate would be much livelier and make for better TV, just because it isn't a game of repeater. If you don't know what the repeater is, watch Super Troopers. Cobb and Badnarik differ on many different issues, and aren't afraid to say that. No waffling here, no rhetorical run-around, just two candidates expressing their beliefs and that's that.

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