27 August 2004

Bizarro World

I figured I'd humor myself and run a Google on my name and politics. Found out, I'm a state rep in Michigan. Same name, different person. Interesting I thought.

Anyway, this fairgrounds proposal is picking up major steam. Recently, I received a postcard addressed to "Occupant" stating Councilman Bill Bolander, who is a Republican, but also my neighbor. This person stated that Mr. Bolander favors the project, listing his home phone number and it seemed a bit underhanded. Now I may disagree with something in this county, but I will put my name behind it...count on that. It is an act of shame that someone is doing this without identifying himself.

I hope Mr. Bolander will be in attendance at the Lions Club Fair in two weeks, so I can ask him if this is really what he wants to see happen. I hope it isn't. Just because he can afford to raise his taxes for a private enterprise, it doesn't mean other property owners are able or even on board with it. If this goes through, and new fairgrounds are built, believe me, I will make a stink about it and run against in him 2006 for raising taxes. We may need new fairgrounds, but there are more pressing issues in this county (ie: the condition of the roads) that have to be dealt with first.

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