23 August 2004

When Is Too Much Government Good???

One reason I'm a Libertarian is because I believe in staunch fiscal responsibility. Unlike my Republican counterparts, I will stick to my guns when it comes to being fiscally conservative. Here in Hancock County, the County Council is considering a bond issue of $18 million for new fairgrounds. This is coming at a time when there isn't even money for roads. Small government, indeed.

People complain about a wheel tax of $25 per vehicle. It brings in approximately $800,000 for the county, but $2 million is needed for annual upkeep of the roads. The wheel tax is a necessary evil right now. It boils down to "you gotta have roads."

Small-government Republicans want to add more layers to the Statehouse as well. My Man Mitch wants to create a Department of Commerce, with the Secretary to receive salary, staff, benefits, etc, etc, etc. He wants to keep spending money while we're at a $2 billion deficit. Fiscally conservative, eh? Keep in mind, this is the same man who helped write the federal budget. I'm sure that's really reassuring.

When it comes to spending, with a Democrat president and GOP Congress, it's gridlock, which is good, keeps spending down. But when Gunslingin' George has Congress in his back pocket, the bank is open for business. He's spent more than Clinton, whom Republicans despise for his fiscal policy. Oh well, the American citizens (taxpayers) suffer most of all, because we get footed with the bill.

Another reason to embrace libertarianism. We let you decide how to live your lives.

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