26 August 2004

Informing Voters....One Citizen at a Time

I recently started school again, and I am taking a State and Local Government class. The room is pretty evenly split as far as political views 50-50 Democrat and Republican. Then there I am, sitting in the corner with a wry smile.

We started discussing urban renewal, and some of the folks that live there talked about eminent domain laws, then a girl started talking about how white folks are the ones with money who can afford the new housing. Keep in mind this is a 20 year old student that had been in an all girls boarding school in Colorado previous to this, born with a silver spoon, the whole nine yards. That boiled the blood of a lot of people. She said we're a democracy, so it's OK. I went on a tirade that would have made Neal Boortz sound like a gentleman. I told her to tell me where it says in the Constitution that we're a democracy. She said the Preamble. WRONG. The Bill of Rights. WRONG. This girl just kept digging and digging and digging herself in deeper holes.

People have blind beliefs in politics and, as in this case, no facts to base their statements. If you're gonna go out and make a bold statement, have facts to back it up. It makes for a good debate and makes you look like you're educated. By the way, democracy is a group of 51 people that you're in and 50 want to see a hanging. Guess who's swinging?

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