19 August 2004

Welcome to My World

You are now a Ward of the State. I'm Chris Ward. I'm the 5th District Representative for the Libertarian Party of Indiana. This will be a forum for me to inform people on the beauty of liberty.

Right now, people are so used to having the political duopoly it's just nauseating. They either want small government, which is great, or they want personal freedom, which is also great. What people don't see is that there is a group of people who embrace both, the libertarians.

Most people I know think of us as the "legalize it now" folks. That may be one of the many beliefs libertarians have, but there is also cutting the size of government, lowering taxes, getting the government out of people's lives, more or less. That is what our Founding Fathers had in mind when the colonial Brits had offices for everything, controlling everything. Nowadays, we're realizing that the government is living our lives for us. We have been assimilated. "Don't challenge the government, resistance is futile."

I will comment early and often if the government is doing something to rob individuals of their God-given rights. If you disagree, write me back, that's the beauty of this nation, disagreement is not only allowed, but shined upon.


Mike Kole said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Chris! You're a brave man putting up a place for comments. Good luck!

Al said...

Chris, welcome to the jungle. We've got fun and games!