13 September 2004

Road Trip!

I am always one for a road trip. Especially when it involves promoting a worthy cause. Nick Blesch, president of the Indiana University College Libertarians, asked me yesterday to come back to Bloomington to talk to the group. It was a nice, small gathering of like-minded individuals, discussing libertarianism and the impending election. We took the World's Smallest Political Quiz, talked policy, and all in all, had a blast.

I met many good young libertarians tonight. Very true to the cause, all scored almost, if not, the North Pole on the Quiz (inside joke). Anyway, they were all very interested in the party, and I also got a much-desired hookup, a Gmail (Google Mail) account :). We talked about the importance of voting, telling friends there is an alternative to the two-party BS that is going on in this country, yada yada yada. I kinda got on a soapbox a little bit, but that's me being me LOL. Overall, the trip definitely worth the travel. The group has great leadership and will flourish as time passes on. If only every campus had a group of people, big or small, as committed to promoting the party and what a small government can do....man, that's scary :).

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