14 September 2004

Rock the Vote

Man, was today exhausting...a lively discussion with the village idiot (See Informing Voters post below) in State and Local Government, then a power lunch with a who's who of local libertarians, then it was time to Rock the Vote. All 4 parties (Libs, Greens, D's, R's) were there in one way or another.

Our tables were in the GOP sandwich. On one side we had Dr. Marvin Scott, GOP nominee for US Senate, and the other side was My Man Mitch. Dr. Scott was really not supported nearly as well by the GOP in my estimation as he only had one volunteer the whole time, where as Mitch had numerous student volunteers. Anyway, the Greens had a table, and the Dems had a few tables themselves.

We did steal a little bit of thunder because we did have Kenn there the whole time, plus the Quiz was very freely distributed among students. Plus me being a young Libertarian, people were interested. There were young Dems and GOPs, but I was the only Lib in the college bracket. That, and knowing old friends from IUPUI, brought a lot of folks over to our area, talking politics.

I was assigned to be Kenn's "body man." For those not familiar with the term, when Kenn had to be somewhere today, it was my responsibility to make sure he was there. Basically, in Sam's words, I was his flunkie. Maybe, but I was a flunkie with VIP credentials :).

Basically, the sticking point was to get out and vote, although we really want you to vote for us. We didn't have T-shirts or a surprise visit from the governor (whom I met today) but we did have good people (Sam Goldstein {Marion County LP Chair}, Dan Drexler {7th District CentCom Rep}, Brad Klopfenstein {LPIN Exec. Director}, Rob Place {Libertarian Party of Hamilton County}, and Barry Campbell {LP 7th District Candidate}) talking to students about the beauty of liberty.

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