22 September 2004

The Choices Everyone Makes

Six weeks. In six weeks, citizens will head into the voting booth and make their choices on who will represent them, from township and county boards, all the way to the President of the United States. Now that may not seem like a long time, but this is a new day and age in which we live. Bloggers, like myself here, can call out the longtime face of a network news program, and make him blink. Information is no longer told to us, we discover it for ourselves. The Internet has opened a door to people that no one could have dreamed of 25 years ago.

Were it not for the Drudge Report, no one would have known of Monica Lewinsky. Were it not for factcheck.org, people wouldn't know where a candidate TRULY stood on positions. Heck, type in someone's name on Google, somewhere you'll find something about that person they didn't want you to know. People are empowered to learn about their interests, with the click of a mouse.

This ramble boils down to one thing: do your homework before you vote! Just because your family has always voted a certain way doesn't mean you agree, too. My own mother is a bleeding-heart liberal, and she'll admit it (I think she secretly has a picture of the Bill and Hillary stashed in the house somewhere.) My father, is very independent minded, I think he's a small "L" libertarian, although I don't know where he stands every issue, and I think it's just better that way. I am libertarian because I want a small government, but I value personal freedom. Basically, it's my money and my life, let me do with it as I please, as long as I don't cause harm to another human being.

So come November 2, do the one thing that makes you equal to even the richest man in this country: VOTE.

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