29 September 2004

Decisive Debate

Last night, Kenn Gividen looked like the real man with the plan. For those who missed it, the only debate scheduled went on at Franklin College between Gov. Joe Kernan (D), Gividen (L), and Mitch Daniels (R). The debate almost looked rough, as Kenn was battling a stubborn sore throat in the opening remarks segment, but the voice kicked in, thank God.

Kernan stuttered and stammered his way through the debate, going ugly on Daniels, not really making an attempt to veil his swipes. His education plan means raising taxes (BOO), I-69 means re-allocating money from other counties (BOO), and his economic policies are subpar. In summary, the Dems have had the governor's seat for 16 years and have managed to squander $2 billion and run a deficit of another $2 billion. Kernan even slumped his shoulders when Daniels called him out for flip-flopping on re-importing prescription drugs from Canada. Also Kernan didn't hardly mention Kenn, just once, and then referring to Daniels, excluding Kenn.

Daniels was much more programmed in his responses...he did commend Kenn an amazing five times for the programs suggested by the Libertarian candidate. Every time My Man Mitch opened his mouth, it sounded like a sound byte from a campaign ad. He was more polite in his criticism of Gov. Kernan, but still negative nonetheless. Daniels offered the same thing he's been offering for over a year, the same rhetoric he's stated since he got on RV-1. But it's still a big-government guy, creating a Cabinet-level post (Sec. of Commerce), more tollways (double taxation), among other ideas.

Kenn entered the debate with really nothing to lose. He's consistently polled 3-5% depending on the source. He is the margin of error in this election. The Indianapolis Star hardly ever mentions him, and isn't a household name statewide, unfortunately. A quick rehash on his positions, he's anti-property taxes, wants to turn every school into a charter school, is the only candidate against the new-terrain I-69 and tollways, wants to slash the size of the state government, make Indiana a distribution center for the country because of the geographic location of the state, wants the government out of the drug business, and wants a return of Hoosier Hysteria.

He never went negative, and had many people chuckling with his wit, or nodding their heads with agreement in his ideas.

I would say My Guy Gividen won the debate, with Daniels a close second, then Kernan trailing. Many people didn't know who he was at 5PM last night, but they know who he is today.

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