17 January 2007

Seeing Blue

Long time, no post...man you'd think I was a candidate as much as I was out of my own home in the past eight months. My job has really taken off and taken me many places (with more to go), and I couldn't be happier with what has happened to me. I am still happily married to Beth, I'm still a Libertarian and proud of it, and I'm still upset with the fact that Republicans are turning into Democrats and just afraid to publicly come out and say so.

Today was the State of the State. Da Guv was talking of funding full day kindergarten, privatizing the lottery, and "franchising" the Indiana Commerce Connector and Illiana Expressway. All of this while talking of cooperation with his Democrat colleagues across the aisle. Correct me if I'm wrong, but expansion of government education, selling off a profitable state asset, and expanding the reach of the DOT sounds a lot like the speech of a liberal Democrat.

This was considered the one of the reddest states in the Union, but it's slowly turning shades of blue based on the midterm election and actions of the "Republican" government.

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