17 January 2007

Colts Win, City Loses

The Indianapolis Colts are on the brink of the Super Bowl with the Patriots being their only obstacle (again). On a more serious note, Mayor Peterson has more problems than Peyton Manning right now. Da Mayor has a crime rate in the city that is doing nothing but going up. What did he do? He merged the police and sheriff's department, citing a savings to the taxpayers. Now, he's asking the state for a $450 million loan to shore up the pensions of our public safety officials.

My concern is that the state will say no, and in a year of growing property tax fears, he'll raise them. All of this money, and not another officer on the street, not a plan to get the criminals off the street, just more rhetoric and talking up the potential white elephant known as Lucas Oil Stadium, which is being built on the backs of taxpayers, and filling the coffers of Jim Irsay, the Colts owner.

Let it be known I don't hold Irsay responsible completely, but I do think he proved he was just as bad as the woman on welfare with five kids and five different fathers. Sticking his hand out and letting the government take care of him was crazy, but the way the mayor and state legislature bent over backwards to break their constituents' backs was crazy!! Now I'm worried about how the crime rate will affect my property/resale value on my home, and the fact that local government does next to nothing worries me more. Like I said, Colts win, city loses.

PS - Anyone who knows me knows I'm a diehard Bears fan.

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