20 January 2007

Hotel Hypocrisy

It was announced recently that the city of Indianapolis will be giving up to $48.5 million in tax abatements and credits to White Lodging, the parent company of the new JW Marriott Hotel going up with the expanded Convention Center. $48.5 million to a private corporation at a time when the city struggles with an increase in crime, particularly homicides and carjackings.

How can a mayor (in an election year, no less) speak out of both sides of his mouth? Give ANOTHER private entity taxpayer money, then jack up already insane taxes in the name of public safety. The Mayor puts himself in an extremely vulnerable position if not this year, then next year in a gubernatorial bid against Da Guv.

Right now, The Mayor is a bit of an anti-Robin Hood. Take from the middle class and poor, give to millionaires. First, an increased fleecing of Marion and seven of the eight surrounding counties with the food and beverage tax to pay for the new stadium. Then a sweetheart deal where the Colts get virtually all of the monies from the new stadium that they don't own. A few months later, there were fears of more tax increases when the food and beverage taxes levied weren't meeting projections. It continues to degenerate, the stadium will cost $10 million/year extra, now the city is giving the almost $50 million to another private entity!!

All of this when there isn't money to fund public safety, the City-Council wants a 75% pay increase (for gas and dry cleaning, of all things!!) The way I see it, The Mayor does not even have a leg to stand on when it comes to he becomes a millionaire's Robin Hood.

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