28 January 2007

What's the Point of Having the Juice if You're Not Gonna Use It??

Those famous words were uttered by City-County Council President Monroe Gray when Prosecutor Carl Brizzi was shunned by Gray for more funding for jail space. Nowadays, it appears that President Gray is losing his juice. According to the Indy Star, Gray's concrete business is in some deep stuff. Unable to pay his workers or his suppliers properly, he's been found in court to owe over $300,000. It's so bad for Gray, his wages as an IFD division chief are now being garnished so the payments can be made.

This is the leader of the City-County Council, folks. This is the guy that turned a blind eye to the 300 East bar. This is the guy who has become involved in United Water projects, yet says there's no conflict of interest. This is the guy who put public safety on the backburner to get his moment in the sun!

Monroe Gray to some has caused nothing but trouble since he took over the Council presidency from Steve Talley. In some regards, he has done this to himself, in both words and actions. There are ramifications for abusing the juice.

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