27 May 2006

Seatbelt Silliness

Sorry for the lag in posts, I was sent to Kansas City for two weeks on work. Looks like I came home at the right time. Time for Click It or Ticket. Of course, I wasn't too happy that the Star told us to buckle up or else, so of course, I wrote back...

"The Star's editorial regarding Click It or Ticket is a bit too Big Brother for some tastes. Seatbelt laws are a waste of taxpayer money.
Instead of tracking down rapists, searching for murderers, and stopping burglaries, police officers and sheriff deputies are ordered to stand watch and ticket those who choose not to wear a seatbelt. All because it's "for our own good."
A better alternative for Click It or Ticket is to have the insurance companies refuse to pay any claim filed if the policyholder wasn't wearing his seatbelt. That should be motivation enough to wear a seatbelt."

Let's see if it's published anytime soon...

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Michael said...

I don't know about Indiana but I certainly saw lots of use of these Fed Funds while I was on vacation. Every state I passed through had signs plastered all over in their attempts to intimidate drivers. "Enforcement zones" were all over rural Virginia, even tho I saw no cops the threat was implicit. "We're likely to have a barricade up here and stop you...". I used to see this kind of thing in foreign countries, never thought it'd come to our shores, tho.