03 May 2006

Primary Concern

Yesterday was the taxpayer-subsidized nominating conventions...err...primaries. The time for me to walk into the Lawrence Fire Station and hear "Republican slate??" and "Democrat slate??" I kindly declined each and walked in and signed in with ID, really not that big of a problem as Marion County Democrat Chair Ed Treacy would like people to think, it's common sense really. I'm upset at the fact he's making a hullaballoo over something that should be done by the respective parties involved.

Primaries are not good at all, honestly. If a candidate is good enough to be slated by a party, then the candidate should be directly placed on the November ballot. None of this springtime posturing and posing. Not only that, voter turnout is anemic at best for a primary. Estimates for Marion County were 10-15% of all eligible voters turned out yesterday.

Another benefit by eliminating primaries is moving school board elections to the fall. The people that make the policies for our children are decided on by a fraction of the populace. The extra six months would give voters a better idea of how their taxes are spent on local education; on a side note, it would hold educational boards more responsible to the taxpayers and parents of the students of the school district.

Less cost, more accountability...where do I sign up??

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