13 January 2006

Where There's Smoke, There's Taxes

Governor Daniels gave his second State of the State address on Wednesday, and again the Republican asked the legislature for a tax increase. Instead of punishing those that make six figures, he goes after smokers.

Now I understand that smoking is a problem, and is not a good habit all. However, I believe that he is punishing those that make a personal choice. Daniels said that Hoosiers weigh too much, drink too much, smoke too much, and exercise too little. Then to suggest an increase in the cigarette tax, saying the monies collected will be spent on youth prevention is a bit much for anyone to stomach.

Instead of taxing and reaching further in people's lives (ie: their wallets), promote the options available to quitting the habit. The WhiteLies campaign has been quite successful in the youth market, maybe they can do something along those lines using already available funds, instead of taxing and spending more.

It seems that it's the same ol' game, just a different target.

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