09 January 2006

Legislative Wishlist for 06

I realize I post as often as a turtle, however the General Assembly is back, and that means more news than I know what to do with :)...with that said, here's what I want to see accomplished in the short session.

-Eminent Domain Restrictions. The House Judiciary Committee passed the bill (HB 1010, I believe) unanimously, protecting private property (Like the NK Hurst company) from the reach of our government. It will go before the full House soon.

-ISTEP to Spring...my fiance will agree with me on this. Giving students standardized tests just weeks after they return from summer break is a bit ridiculous.

-Return Power to Local Governments. This could be a great thing, if done correctly. If it's not done right, it would go over as well as a "temporary tax increase."

A short list for a short session (adjourned by 14-March). Watch for more posts as the session moves on

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